Our Vision 

The vision of our work in the Philippines, India and Sweden is that as many people as possible will meet Jesus Christ for salvation.


The Milton family was there as missionaries on the island of Guimaras from June 2015 to December - 2016. The vision was that the Aetas people who had previously been saved would be founded in
God's word and get a functioning spiritual community. To begin with, we had our own parish, where the people of Aetas got to grow in faith, as well as receive humanitarian aid. When we left the Philippines, a pentacostal assembly took care of them. We are collaborating with this assembly today and provide with you monthly help  food bags for the poor Aetas people.


Our vision of the work in India is to reach out to the gospel of children and adolescents. They come from poor conditions, why we also give them humanitarian help every month. They gather each month for part of Bible studies, etc. The children and adolescents come from different faiths. Co-workers Pastor S, does a great job despite the threat of persecution from Hindu fanatics.


We feel strong for our home country Sweden. Today is the cry of great advances here. Islam and Newage are getting more influence. We are working to reach out to both Swedes and immigrants with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this primarily through personal evangelization with treaty spread.


Many Christians today sleep some sleepy sleep and do not realize how close to the Lord's return we really are. Why is it no more preached in our churches? Instead, it is preached about success and prosperity of matrimonial blows. Self-appointed ministers and prophets do dedicate themselves to promising blessings in the form of wealth or healing if given to that organization. I think Jesus cries over this. .

We who believe in Jesus have been commissioned to go out of the world and make disciples of the people. That's something my wife and I try to practice.

Family Milton. Jörgen , Florence, David och Mark Lorence
Florence besöker Aetas
Here Florence delivers New Testament in Ilongo language to Aetas. A small organization in the city of Iloilo provided us with 120 free bibles and 2500 tracts in Ilongo. The Lord is good.